Welcome to the new Be Set Free Fast website! Please be patient while content is transferred from the old website and new content is added. 

I'm excited to join you on whatever leg of the BSFF journey you may be embarking upon: learning it for the first time, working with the book, studying the DVD, personal self-help use, or professional work with clients. 

I intend to make your experience with BSFF of great value to your personal and/or professional life, and I'm lucky to be able to refer to the originator of the method, my friend and mentor Dr. Larry Nims. Larry has taught me so much directly and indirectly about how to help people get great results. 

I also have a fair amount of other training experience in the worlds of psychotherapy, hypnosis and NLP, energy healing, energy psychology, consciousness, Self-awareness practices, and spirituality, and they have been very valuable in informing my teaching and coaching approach. 

I think you'll enjoy some of the new features you'll be seeing soon: an Upcoming Events page (of BSFF activities of trainers), a BSFF trainer profile page, a "Find a BSFF Coach" page, and a "Request a Training" page.

**Please be sure to review the disclaimer page before reading further or contacting me or another BSFF Practitioner for sessions.