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item3AT LAST….

a BE SET FREE FAST™ TRAINING SEMINAR will be held in the U.S.!

For the first time in over 5 years, I am delighted to be able to offer a seminar here in the USA.

In fact, our seminar will be in my home state of Arizona. That sure makes my travel efforts much more feasible and doable and I hope that it will entice you, too. If yopu are coming to the ACEP Conmference the following weekend, this is a perfect opportunity to acquire in-depth training and skills in BE SET FREE FAST™.

Who can benefit from this seminar?

This two-day seminar is designed for all who have wanted to develop, update, and expand their knowledge and skills in using this unique and very successful self-help method both for themselves and others. This includes therapists, counselors, personal and life coaches, pastoral counselors, and anyone else who is seeking a truly effective, simple strategy that thoroughly and reliably eliminates psychological problems at their causal source – – programs in the subconscious mind.

To effectively treat and resolve those issues is now very simple, gentle and easy to accomplish. All treatment is accomplished by using thought energy. No physical action is required and it can all be done silently. Each psychological problem is eliminated at the deepest fundamental causal source of our problems. That source is programming in the subconscious mind creates, maintains, and automatically triggers our psychological problems, issues and subsequent experiences. oleveltwobanner1

Whether you previously attended a BSFF™ training or you are entirely new to BSFF™, you will enhance your skill, understanding, and your tools for effectively using BSFF™ and for helping others achieve their problem-solving goals.

Here is your opportunity for an updated, in-depth training in BSFF™. You will learn the recent enhancements and tools and will benefit in learning the remarkable new developments that have occurred over the past several years.

A major learning focus of this training will be on observing many demonstrations and participating in supervised practice sessions.

If you have used the BSFF™ strategies without having been professionally or personally trained, we believe that you will have an in-depth perspective of these treatment tools so that you can better implement BSFF™ to maximize your treatment outcomes.

This two-day seminar will be conducted by Alfred Heath, MA and Larry Nims, Ph.D.—the developer of BE SET FREE FAST. You learning experience and can be sure that you will have a very rich learning experience and great fun with the two of us; and learn much from sharing this seminar with the other participants. We like to have fun while we are teaching and training.

Join us for this exciting training in the Phoenix, Arizona area on Saturday and Sunday,

item2May 24th and May 25th.

At this·Seminar you will:

Greatly expand your counseling/coaching skills

Learn to help yourself and others get to the root of their problems and thoroughly eliminate them

Achieve personal growth and psychological freedom

Learn and deepen your knowledge of BSFF application and implementation. This will be especially meaningful to those of you who are therapists, counselors, personal and life coaches, and Energy Psychology devotees I might be a while

Meet and learn from many other amazing folks like who want to help ourselves and others be free to live more fulfilling and enriching lives of joy, love and personal effectiveness and success

Master this wonderful tool so that it’s available to you instantly for the rest of your life

Have fun!

item4Prerequisites for seminar attendees:

There is a great deal of updated material to cover in the two training days. In order to most efficiently use our training time, we are asking all attendees to arrive having already had a preliminary overview of BSFF™. To meet this objective, we have established a few prerequisites so that all participants can begin the seminar with at least a basic understanding and some experience using this method these prerequisite requirements will help assure all of the other attendees can maximizing the whole benefits from the scope and depth of the seminar experience.

Read the BSFF book and/or view the BSFF™ training videos. Both are available on the BSFF website: www.besetfreefast.com. You will get great value of doing both of these.

Read the BSFF™ Treatment Protocol paper that will be emailed to you after you register.

Bring a copy of that BSFF Protocol paper with you to the seminar. We will be referring to it throughout the training.

Practice using this updated BSFF™ using the Protocol with your own issues before you come to the seminar. We will answer your questions at the seminar.

Other resources will also be emailed to you prior to the seminar. Read each of them. It will not be necessary to bring these materials with you.

Review the information on the BSFF™ website so that you will be familiar with BSFF™ and all that it can do for you. With the hotel premises in this area. You

• • • • • • • •


Seminar and registration details:SheradonAZ

Fly into Phoenix, AZ.

A complimentary hotel shuttle will transfer you to the


The hotel is providing a special conference rate of $84US per night plus taxes.

This special rate is lower than any other Internet rates and the hotel will extend the same rate

for three nights before and three nights after the seminar.


“Early Bird” Registration

Registration Fee is $300US After March 31st, the registration fee is $395US

Fees will be returned in the unlikely event that the seminar is cancelled. If you pay the fee but cannot attend, you are free to transfer your registration to another attendee. Otherwise, a cancellation fee of $50US will be retained.

At the time of registration, please indicate BSFF Seminar.

Questions about fees and fee payment can be e-mailed to sarinims@cox.net


also more training opportunities!

16th ACEP International Energy Psychology Conference - Phoenix, AZ

Conference Dates Thursday, May 29, 2014 - Sunday, June 01, 2014

Larry Nims and Alfred Heath

Thursday May 29 • 9:00am–5:00pm

Healing “Bottom-of-the-Well” Depths of Subconscious Body/Energy/Mind (P6)


Click Here For More Info on the 16h Annual Conference on Energy Psychology


Wild Horse Pass Resort & Spa, owned by the Gila River Indian Community and located on their 372,000-acre reservation.

This conference will be an exciting three full days of Energy Psychology theory, practice, methodology, and current trends.

Up to 45 CE Hours for psychologists, social workers, counselors, MFTs, Nurses and more.

For complete details on Conference, Keynotes, Pre- & Post-Conference Workshops, Accommodations and more, click here.

If you are seeking an introduction to BSFFTM, a full day pre-conference workshop will provide an experiential introduction to


Thursday, May 29 9:00am - 5:00pm

Healing “Bottom-of-the-Well” Depths of Subconscious Body/Energy/Mind

with Larry Nims and Alfred Heath (P6)

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Click Here For More Info on the 16h Annual Conference on Energy Psychology


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