***UPCOMING: BSFF Group Session for Releasing Holiday Season Stress and Emotional Baggage on 3 December. Click here for details! 

For those who are not on our mailing list or yahoo groups, Larry and I are currently holding a sold-out 3-session Be Set Free Fast webinar training event (Foundation Webinar) for professionals unable to make it to a live training. I think this will be the first of several more to be held over the year in 2018. It is definitely a "2nd best" option at this point, because it just doesn't have the same dedicated, collective and supervised "oomph" of the live trainings, but it is an excellent option if funds are enough of a concern to prevent you from coming to the live trainings.

While the webinar itself falls short of the requirements to be designated "Basic Practitioner of BSFF", it will take you about 2/3 of the way there. I'm working out a way to accomplish that last 3rd virtually, and will be outlining that soon! Stay tuned!

And in case you were wondering, the Intensive Training Event went very well, according to the feedback we got in praise of it (I'll be posting that later).

FYI: Keep checking our upcoming events page, as I'm looking to do the Foundation Training for Professionals and Advanced Training for Practitioners in late winter/early spring here in the northern Virginia/DC/Maryland Metro area.

I'm still wanting to get the new features on this site, just very busy the last few months! A more fleshed-out Events page (of BSFF activities of trainers), a BSFF trainer profile page, a "Find a BSFF Coach" page, and a "Request a Training" page.

**Please be sure to review the disclaimer page before reading further or contacting me or another BSFF Practitioner for sessions.