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Be Set Free Fast™ and the Power of Collective or Group Sessions

By Alfred Heathitem1

One of the wonders of the mind and its Creator has to do with the mind's ability to express intentions with our conscious mind and have them fulfilled through the Subconscious.  This is the foundation for Dr. Nim's creation of Be Set Free Fast™ (BSFF) and the often stunning results we realize simply by saying or thinking our selected cue.  Another mystery of how we are wired as human spirits is the fact that our intentions and perceptions can extend beyond our mental and physical landscapes as we understand them and have impact on our neighbors, and without any identifiable verbal or nonverbal communication from us to them.  Think of how the mood of a single individual can affect the "vibes" in a room full of people:   the "electric" atmosphere at a championship sports event, or the therapeutic power of group psychotherapy.  Most people feel these things distinctly without the benefit of extrasensory gifts. item3

The combination of BSFF with a group adds another dimension to its already powerful ability to resolve emotional problems and issues.  By working together with others, with each person in the group using their own cue or sharing a new one, the process of shifting into greater inner wholeness and freedom can be quite stunning, and there is almost always an added sense of relaxed and joyous camaraderie as a bonus. 

There are a few ways to do BSFF this way with an identified group. One way is either in person or via phone or VOIP (Skype or another service) teleconference.  Venues could include a BSFF demonstration, seminar or training; or a get-together specifically for the purpose of working together on a theme using BSFF as the intervention.  Another way to work collectively is for several people to pick a day and all agree to work through a specifically themed protocol at some point on that day, with the intention that it will work just like a group.  This can work surprisingly well, and is especially suitable when the group is so large that a rendezvous at the same time is difficult to arrange. 

The group bonds their intention for the BSFF session through a statement of intention and also using the same themed treatment protocol.  Some groups may also choose to use a common cue, although collective BSFF will work just fine with the cue you already have.  If the group is within earshot, one person may lead by reading the statements to treat. 

I'd like to invite the reader to join with other BSFF enthusiasts to work on Larry's Global Issues statements as a group.  These can be found in his ebook, or you may have a document file from your BSFF training materials.  You can canvass other BSFFers through the BSFFResearch Yahoo! Group, or if you have taken the Advanced BSFF Training, you can sample the Tuesday BSFF Training in the Alumni Google Group "BSFF-ONE".

Here is an example of a group statement of intent you can try with your own group of BSFF friends using the Global Issues statements as a theme:

"I intend the BSFF treatments I am about to do to benefit all of those joining me in this group collective session."   Enjoy!

Alfred, a counselor and psychotherapist for 18 years, and a healing arts practitioner and developer for 22, is devoted to the research and development of  integrated approaches to spirituality, psychological and physical health. He holds a MA  Psychological Services (Delta Espilon Sigma National Honors Society), Marymount University, Arlington VA.  Alfred is 1 of 10 people designated by Dr. Nims as an Authorized Advanced BSFF Trainer and Coach.  He is also a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (NBCCH), NLP Practitioner (ISNLP), TAT® Trainer and Professional (TAT Life®), Quantum Entrainment® Practitioner and Facilitator.  Alfred currently researches energy and consciousness paradigms and maintains a part-time phone/Skype-based practice in Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, UK. Email: .

Your Intrepid Editor here: I interviewed Alfred by email asking for a few stories. Here is his reply.

" I honestly haven't had time to research the feedback from our collectives (the most interesting was our family protocol), but I can recall my own experience.

My family history was something I had done a lot of work on using different methods, including BSFF. What was different for me was that, after we did a family ancestry forgiveness protocol on our collective BSFF session day, I started having very personal and intimite feelings and insights regarding my family from generations ago, all the way up to the present, that I'd never even considered before.  It went beyond forgiveness to a deeper understanding of dynamics, including unforgiveness, which affected me and so many of my relatives. It was a real eye-opener, and felt very supported and empowered by the group experience.  The sense of connection I had with the rest of those participating seemed to provide a strong foundation of love and support for what I was addressing in the session.  Several others shared similarly profound reflections. "

Collective Treatment

Here is a collective treatment for all the BSFF Global Issues. Even if you have treated for them before, its helpful to do them again. If you do not have them email me and I will send them to you.

 1.  My consciousness is centered in my core//CUE//... My body is grounded to the Earth//CUE//... and my awareness is anchored to the HERE and NOW//CUE//

2.  "I am now treating for inner harmony and optimal alignment and synchrony of my physical heart with my  thymus, brain related energy centers & pathways; body, conscious and Subconscious mind and spirit; my Whole Self."//Relax, breath and CUE meditatively, repeatedly until feels complete or muscle tests strong for being complete//

"My conscious, Subconscious, body & complete energy system are attuned to my Spiritual Heart."//Relax, breath and CUE meditatively, repeatedly until feels complete or muscle tests strong for being complete//

"I now join my intention with the combined intentions of all other participants for the purpose of this collective BSFF session. Our common cue will be 'now'.  All connections between us will be completed by the end of this session//NOW//..."

3.  Treat BSFF Global Issues (even if you have already been through this series of statements with your cue, it is a fruitful one to do again). Treat for failsafes as needed.

4.  Work your way through the complete BSFF protocol.


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