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item3a1The Be Set Free Fast Book

By Dr. Larry Nims, Ph.D.

A Revolutionary New Way to Eliminate Your Discomforts

Now You Can Easily:

• Remove the old emotional baggage that is keeping you from your success.

• Let go of your anxieties about the future.

• Overcome limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.item4a

• Live the life you have always dreamed of!

Be Set Free Fast SM (BSFF) is a remarkably easy technique that you can learn to do for yourself that will help you virtually eliminate any kind of discomfort that has an emotional base.

You don't have to believe in the technique for it to work and you don't have to be able to describe, in detail, the nature of your discomfort. You just have to know that something isn't right.bsffbook1a1a

And you don't have to relive old traumas or work through or re-experience old negative emotions. Simply noticing a problem and using the automatic BSFF technique eliminate the problem. So you don't have to "cope with it" in the future. It's just gone!

The Subconscious at Work

BSFF is based on the theory that your subconscious mind is your faithful servant. It does whatever you tell it to do. And what you are going to tell it is to use a simple cue word, of your choosing, to eliminate all of the roots of whatever problems you treat.

As a clinical psychologist, I became fascinated with the whole field of Energy Psychology. I learned Thought Field Therapy from Dr. Roger Callahan, who was the pioneer of Energy Psychology methods. I was never comfortable with Dr. Callahan's explanation of how and why his techniques worked. So I began to develop a more functional theory of the underlying mechanisms behind the results.

The fruit of my efforts is Be Set Free Fast, a remarkably effective method for releasing a long list of emotional blocks as well as the emotional roots of any physical discomforts. I have been using this technique on myself and with clients for many years, with fantastic results, and I have taught thousands of counselors and lay persons worldwide to use BSFF. My original BSFF Manual is being used in over 35 countries.

Here are some comments from clients about the results they have achieved with BSFF:

"I had been to many therapists over the years. So, it was with a little skepticism that I approached our first session. But that skepticism soon disappeared. Within just a short time, I could feel that significant shifts were happening. The results since our session have been quite remarkable. I feel strong and clear for the first time in my life. "
L. R. - Los Angeles.item3

"I'm thrilled with the changes I have been through since using BSFF with you. I now use it on myself on a regular basis and am surprised that it works, even when I do it alone. Thank you for this wonderful gift!"
T. L. . - Chicago

I use BSFF in my counseling practice with clients with impressive results. I am so impressed with your technique because of its unobtrusiveness when the clients are working on themselves. They can just quietly and effectively deal with the issues as they arise. 
S.D.S. - Gold Coast, Australia

BSFF Effects

As time goes by, I have kept refining and simplifying BSFF. With each evolution, the effects have remained consistent and complete. Long-term psychological problems often melt away.

Although I have been using and teaching BSFF for many years, my hope was to reach a larger audience. I was especially interested in teaching people how they could use BSFF for themselves while also teaching practitioners to use the technique with their clients.item4a3

Then, one of those serendipitous things happened: Joan Sotkin, who specializes in helping people understand the psychology of money, asked me if she could rewrite my manual so that her clients and Web site visitors could learn BSFF. For a number of years, Joan has been using and teaching about energy therapy techniques for financial issues, and she wanted to write a easy-to-follow and understand book about BSFF.

First, I taught Joan the technique. Then we wrote the new book.

Th Book

The book is complete and I'm really excited about making it available through my site.

Not only does the book explain, in simple terms, how to do this easy-to-learn technique, it also walks the reader through specific treatments for common issues such as:

• Poor self-image

• Lack of self-confidence

• Fear of running out of money

• Fear of moving forward

• Feeling unsafe

• Wanting to lose weight, but can't stop eating

• Fear of feeling or expressing feelings

• Trouble paying bills

• Phobias

• Grief

• Procrastination

• The need to control or be controlled

• Perfectionism

• Eliminating your internal critical parent

• Dealing with fears about the world situation

In the book, we have also included information to help people clearly define their problems. To help you, the book includes a series of basic exercises that will teach you how to get to your core issues. It even discusses how to develop and trust your intuition so you can use this valuable resource when treating your problems and issues. There are also specific treatments for the issues I have listed above, and more.

We guarantee that if you follow the instructions in the book, you will be satisfied with the results and know you have a tool that can serve you for the rest of your life. 

You will no longer be held down by a lot of old emotional baggage that you have been dragging along with you on your journey through life. You will be free to create a more meaningful, expressive and prosperous life.

Here are some comments from people who have already read the book and used the suggested treatments.

"Wow! I never expected results quite like this. I'm sure you have heard this before -- BSFF is amazing!"
O. L. - Los Angeles

"Your book was so easy to follow. I really responded well to all of the suggested treatments that I tried. I feel so much more alive and willing to build my business."
M. M. - Minneapolis

Elegantly simple and effective. Thanks for this special book."
R. S. - England

Here's the best part . . . 
For a just fraction of the cost of one session with me or Joan, you can have the whole BSFF technique in your hands to learn and use over and over again. You can learn to effectively treat even some of the most complex and chronic issues that may be keeping you stuck in your life.

Here are some of the topics that are listed in the Table of Contents of the book Be Set Free Fast:

• The Basic Theories behind BSFF

• Is BSSF Scientific?

• The Subconscious: Your Faithful Servant

• How to Define a Problem

• The Instructions to Your Subconscious

• The Anger/Forgiveness Routine

• Getting Rid of the Stoppers

• How to Do a BSFF Treatment

• The Fail-Safe Procedure

• BSFF Frequently Asked Questions

• Overcoming Your Fear of Moving Forward

• Treatments for Common Problems (see the list above)

The book also includes an easy summary that you can use as a guide when you are treating yourself and The BSFF Feelings List that will help you learn to recognize your limiting and troublesome feelings. Then you can usually very quickly eliminate them with BSFF.

The chapter called Overcoming Your Fear of Moving Forward has some especially important information in it. This chapter was Joan's special contribution. It took her years to define the blocks that paralyze people and keep them from making progress. In this chapter, you can discover if these blocks are holding you back -- and how to remove them quickly and easily.

Every chapter has information in it that will gently lead you to the life you have always dreamed of. BSFF will help you gain more personal freedom and ability to truly embrace and enjoy that life

You may be wondering how this is all possible , whether it can really work for you, if it will last and if you can learn to use it effectively. Many people have these concerns and it is natural for you to be skeptical--until you actually try BSFF for yourself. BSFF works exactly as we have described in the book; It goes quickly and gently to the very foundation and real source of most of our psychological problems (the subconscious mind) and treats them thoroughly.

The difference between this book and the original BSFF Manual
Many people have asked us to explain the difference between this book and my original BSFF Manual. First of all, I have decided to discontinue the manual because this new book is better organized, is more up to date, and has valuable information that is not in the original manual.

Especially important in this book are the specific treatments for common problems, the exercises for helping you create your own treatment statements, and the chapter on Overcoming Your Fear of Moving Forward.

The comments about the new book from people who have the original manual have been very positive. All agree that this new book is not only easier for practitioners to use, but is also more helpful for lay people who are interested in learning the BSFF technique.

We are so sure that you are going to find the BSFF Treatment Procedure effective and long lasting that we offer this guarantee:item4a1

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, for any reason, after trying the techniques in this book, you are not 100% satisfied with the results, we will refund the full purchase price.

The book, Be Set Free Fast, is available either as a downloadable e-book or in a comb-bound hard-copy version -- and it is affordable by anyone who is serious about reaching a new level of emotional freedom and creative expression.

Be Set Free Fast! is easy-to-read and understand. I guarantee that. All in all, it's a great value.

What really excites me is that the techniques in this book can help anyone -- and I mean anyone -- who is interested in improving their relationships, self-esteem, finances, mastering new skills, removing emotional distresses, and a whole lot more!

Special Bonus: Free Audio

In order to make your learning experience more complete, once you order Be Set Free Fast you will be given access to a recording of a recent teleclass given by my co-author, Joan Sotkin, called Understanding the Basics of BSFF.

You will receive all of the teleclass notes as well as the recording, which contains a number of actual treatment sessions. The audio is available in both RealAudio and MP3 formats.

People have told us that this is the perfect adjunct to the book.

And it is yours -- FREE! A minimum investment for a lifetime of comfort . . .

When Joan and I discussed what we thought a good investment for this book would be, we decided that $69.95 for the e-book would be more than fair. As I said, this is just a fraction of what our clients pay for one individual session. We knew that the value readers can receive from the book is really immeasurable.

But we want this book to get out there, so we are making a Special Offer:

You can own Be Set Free Fast e-book for only $39.95.

And remember, there's a 100% Guarantee that if you use the material as it is presented in the book and are not 100% satisfied with the results, we will refund your full investment, no questions asked.

Certainly, you can see that $69.95 $39.95 is a small investment for a technique that can clear out your emotional baggage and quickly move you to your next level. Click here to order.

Order Now -- And Be Set Free Fast! Be Set Free Fast E-book. (PDF file): $39.95

Be Set Free Fast - Comb Bound: $24.95 + $8 P&H  

I really hope you will give Be Set Free Fast! a try. It can help you rapidly move towards your goal of emotional comfort and freedom to live the life of your dreams.



P.S. If you order the E-Book (pdf file), you can download it immediately. Or, we can ship the hard copy version


BSFF. Personal Sessions (Click Here)

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