***COMING SOON: BSFF digital training product accessible on line! 

We are putting the finishing touches on a 6-hour training program for those of you who want to learn BSFF in a more focused, guided way than is available from the ebook or DVD. 

The new product complements these other learning products by providing a learning pathway that is more to-the-point and focuses on how to go through the BSFF process for maximum effect. 

If you have been wanting to learn BSFF but are not a book reader, we think you will be pleased with the upcoming digital product; it gets right to the point of what you need to know and do to do effective BSFF self-help work. 

YOUR FEEDBACK NEEDED: I'm looking for a venue to do the Foundation Training for Professionals and Advanced Training for Practitioners in March/April 2019 either here in the northern Virginia/DC/Maryland Metro area or in Florida

HERE'S THE IMPORTANT PART... I have relocated to the United Kingdom, so given the increased cost of putting on trainings in the US, I may only manage one or two at most per year. Of course,

there may be other opportunities. 

I will eagerly advertise ANY BSFF trainer's events on this site, so 

I'm still wanting to get the new features on this site, just very busy the last few months! A more fleshed-out Events page (of BSFF activities of trainers), a BSFF trainer profile page, a "Find a BSFF Coach" page, and a "Request a Training" page.

**Please be sure to review the disclaimer page before reading further or contacting me or another BSFF Practitioner for sessions.