***UPCOMING: BSFF is coming to Orlando in May for the 20th Anniversary ACEP Conference: I hope you will too! 

It is always a great joy to attend and teach at the annual conferences of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP). However, this year is special for a couple of reasons: first, it is ACEP's 20th anniversay conference! This organization has been putting on premier conferences every single year for 20 years, and they have pushed the boat out for their 2018 conference. 

Second, is because this year's conference is being held at Disney! That's right! So why not bring the family for a Disney vacation while also immersing in the cutting edge of healing and change? The theme of this year's conference: Celebrating the Magic of Energy Psychology! And there will be magic to learn and experience: the magic within each of us to heal, to learn, and to get a glimpse of our essential wholeness and spiritual unity. You really don't want to miss this!

And, had I been more prompt in updating this page, I could have given you better notice, but there is still time to get the best price, but you'll need to hurry and register. Also, anyone who loves BSFF will love the enhancement available (and not taught elsewhere) in my post-conference workshop. Details about the conference and my workshop are available here.


Larry and I got good feedback from our maiden-voyage Foundation Webinar. We were able to share information not available in the ebook or dvd with BSFF enthusiasts throughout America, Europe, Eurasia, and Australia. I'm taking everything that worked well and all suggestions from participants on board, as well as my experience using the zoom webinar platform to update our next webinar training that I hope we'll be able to put on in the spring. One important learning is that we plan to alternate the start times of training events so that each webinar runs at a timeslot convenient to different parts of the world where there is interest in attending live (particularly Australia/New Zealand/India time zones). 

Also, new trainer and long-time BSFF practitioner Dr. Adriana Popescu is putting on a practice webinar for alumni of BSFF training. Adriana is a highly skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable clinical psychologist who has applied BSFF in multiple clinical settings with multiple client populations. It will be a great opportunity to draw from her deep mastery! If interested, please contact her directly at ap@adrianapopescu.org . 

And in case you were wondering, the Intensive Training Event went very well, according to the feedback we got in praise of it (I'll be posting that later).

FYI: Keep checking our upcoming events page, as I'm looking to do the Foundation Training for Professionals and Advanced Training for Practitioners in late winter/early spring here in the northern Virginia/DC/Maryland Metro area.

I'm still wanting to get the new features on this site, just very busy the last few months! A more fleshed-out Events page (of BSFF activities of trainers), a BSFF trainer profile page, a "Find a BSFF Coach" page, and a "Request a Training" page.

**Please be sure to review the disclaimer page before reading further or contacting me or another BSFF Practitioner for sessions.