UPDATE:  Larry and I are preparing to conduct the SECOND iteration of the online Foundation Training for Professionals that will run on Saturdays 31 October-12 December (skipping the last Saturday in November for the U.S. holiday weekend)  9:00am - 11:30am U.S. Pacific Time Zone (it will follow the U.S. transition to Daylight Saving Time on 1 November). This training fully equips clinicians, coaches, and facilitators with the fundamental skills needed to assist clients with Be Set Free Fast! It will also ground participants in the art and science behind BSFF, helping you to be even more effective in your own self-help use of the tool. For this reason, nonclinicians who simply want to further improve their results and learn how to show others (one-on-one) the method for self-help will benefit too. 

The OTHER great news about this training is that Dr. Nims will be participating! That's right: the creator of this fabulous method is taking a break from his retirement to help spread this technology further out into the world. It's always an honor and a pleasure to work and play with Larry! 

But WAIT: THere's MORE! 

The next move will be the update of the website with a new host with a better look and feel and the ability to make immediate purchases of digital text and video products. 

Visitors to this will also want to check out the official facebook page, where useful and thought-provoking information and related articles are posted.

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