***BACK after career move from the US to the United Kingdom! This was a pretty major move for me, along with some other life changes, so thank you to those of you who have been patient.

The move put on hold publication of the 6-hour training program for those of you who want to learn BSFF in a more focused, guided way than is available from the ebook or DVD. I am searching for the right host to upload the video series and provide instant access for all of the BSFF eproducts. 

Also, due to a change of fulfillment services, the BSFF training DVD will temporarily be unavailable. We appreciate your patience while we establish a relationship and process with the new fulfillment service. 

YOUR FEEDBACK IS STILL NEEDED: I'm looking for venues to do the Foundation Training for Professionals and Advanced Training for Practitioners in the autumn/winter of 2019 on the Eastern Seaboard. If you have or know of a suitable organization or venue, please get in touch. 

**Please be sure to review the disclaimer page before reading further or contacting me or another BSFF Practitioner for sessions.