To my dear and beloved BSFF™ Community of self-helpers and professionals:

You will start to see some new changes on the scenes here in Be Set Free Fast Land.

It is finally time for me to enjoy my retirement and pass on the business and official leadership of Be Set Free Fast™ training, development, and standards to my dear friend and respected colleague – Alfred Heath, MA. 

Three factors have finalized my decision to step back:

1. I have been legally blind for the past few years due to the progressive effects of macular degeneration. My severe loss of central vision has made it very difficult to effectively use the computer, respond to emails, and conduct business. The assistive technology I have been using is no longer sufficient. As a result, Sari has had to write all of my correspondence for me which is not what either of us want for her. At this point, handling, promoting, and supervising the many facets of BSFF™ have all become too difficult for me to continue. 

2. It's past time for Sari and me to enjoy our retirement together. Sari has been a phenomenal support throughout my career and with my health challenges. She is the love of my life, and I want us to enjoy more time together pursuing activities and social engagements that we especially enjoy.

3. I first met Alfred in 2007 when he attended a BSFF™ training in Oakland, California. He'd been using BSFF since a 1-day training with my two UK trainers in 2004. He benefitted greatly from the 2007 event, and his admiration for the potential of BSFF turned into a love affair. 

His enthusiasm for the method and understanding of its principles, and the way he stepped forward to guide collective activities of the BSFF on-line community distinguished Alfred as a natural leader. 

Alfred was among a small group of alumni I designated as trainers in 2010, and throughout the past four years, I've worked closely with him in preparing and conducting training events, exchanging many email and Skype correspondences. He's been the primary moderator of all of the BSFF grouplists for several years, and I am convinced that he is the perfect person to move Be Set Free Fast™ forward. 

Through our many discussions and my observations of Alfred organizing and leading trainings, I am certain that he has the professional expertise and passion to be an effective leader and trainer. He is a pro at teaching, training, and coaching trainees and clients. I am deeply impressed with the depth and breadth of all he knows and does. 

Alfred’s skills in BSFF™ coaching plus his ability to transmit his wisdom to others inspire trust in his counsel and leadership. We’ve discussed his plans for moving BSFF™ forward, and I'm confident he'll take things in the right direction. I'm also excited to watch BSFF™ grow and expand under Alfred’s supervision and guidance. 

I plan to still be around to do some phone coaching and consultation; and, occasionally I will participate in conversations via the email discussion groups which Alfred has led so well for many years. Once in a while I may share my thoughts on Constant Contact and contribute to the newsletter. I may not be able to resist joining Alfred in trainings here in the Phoenix area and/or perhaps by webinar. He and I will be staying in touch to enjoy in-depth and lively discussions on the direction of BSFF™ in the future. We are working on the eventual completion and release of our BSFF™ book collaboration.

As you can see Alfred has taken ownership of the official website, and has given it a new look and feel. Hopefully, it will also make everything easier and more straightforward to find. Please be patient as these changes unfold. Alfred has a full-time career with the federal government, and it will still be a few years before he can retire and devote more of his energies to managing BSFF™ matters. 

On a final note, I am convinced that challenging times are waiting in the wings for us all; and, we must be prepared to weather the storms and help one another. My fervent prayer is that BSFF™ will continue to develop while maintaining its purity by remaining true to its core theory, principles, and axiom. In doing so, BSFF™ will lose none of its elegance, depth, gentleness, effectiveness, speed and power. I hope and pray that BSFF™ will continue to spread far and wide across the Earth to all peoples to help them experience vibrant emotional and psychological wellness and attain optimal mind-body and behavioral health. I especially pray for BSFF™ to make way for the spiritual renewal that my faith tells me is available to us all. 

May God bless each and every one of you richly, and when he does, it serves you right!