Why Us?

This website is the official home of Be Set Free Fast™ and is owned by its Principal Steward and Lead Trainer Alfred Heath, MA, LPC, CCH.

This site also represents our designated BSFF trainers and the growing Community of professional therapists, coaches, facilitators, energy psychology and other practitioners trained in the current version of the method, as well as our many self-help enthusiasts. You can join our burgeoning community via this web site! 

We love BSFF because its process is so elegant and its effects so deep and instantaneous. It also gives us more than a glimpse of the incredible potential God had placed within each of us to find and develop. We believe you will love BSFF too! 

The Be Set Free Fast Mission Statement: 

To teach all who are willing to learn to use their God-given capacity for accelerated emotional healing and growth so that inner peace, personal freedom, fulfillment through loving relationships and meaningful endeavors; and healing, free-flowing life force can replace suffering born of trauma and emotional baggage.  

Who We Are

Be Set Free Fast™ is the breakthrough therapeutic and self-help technique developed by psychologist Dr. Larry Nims that rapidly eliminates the subconscious roots of deep-seated emotional, psychological, behavioral, and mindbody symptoms.

On this website you will find information about the method, it's creator Dr. Larry Nims, Ph.D.,  its Principal Steward and Lead Trainer Alfred Heath, MA, LPC, CCH; educational materials from Larry, Alfred and associates available for purchase; information about phone and televideo sessions with Alfred, news about upcoming training or special events, and information about and from the Community of authorized BSFF Trainers and Practitioners.

From this site, you can also connect with the BSFF Community through our yahoo groups, facebook and twitter pages. 

If you have any questions or would just like to be in touch, please feel free to contact Alfred at alfred_heath@yahoo.co.uk