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Be Set Free Fast eBook (PDF DOWNLOAD ONLY)


This is the pdf ebook version of the no-longer-in-print book co-authored by Dr. Larry Nims and Joan Sotkin that was published in 2003. When you purchase this ebook from us, you will also receive a collection of pdf booklets which update the BSFF theory, principles, and instructions to the subconscious mind. In addition to this, you'll get guide through what Larry recommends for the first two BSFF sessions --what he calls "Global Issues". I (Alfred) included a 1-page guide through the general session protocol I use with clients and for myself.

We've also included Larry's articles on the importance of forgiveness, spirituality and counseling,  and information about sessions by phone, skype, and my televideo virtual office at doxy.me. 

*IMPORTANT NOTE* We no longer sell the hardcopy version of this book. You can print it at home or take the pdf in a flash drive to your nearest office supply /copy service store and have them make a single ringbound copy for your personal use at a very reasonable price. This is a more cost-effective option for both parties, as it avoids additional fulfillment, shipping and handling costs.All copyrights still apply under federal and international law. 

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