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Group BSFF Session Releasing Holiday Stress and Emotional Baggage

$15.00 $59.00

Are you getting ready for the holidays? I know that for some of us, this post-Black-Friday/Cyber Monday/Giving Tuesday holiday season can be as (or more) stressful as it is joyous. Is your experience that it gets worse before it gets better? Did that dysfunctional family emotional baggage you thought you tapped, NLP'd, affirmed, or cued away come back to visit at Thanksgiving?

The Winter holidays season can be challenging, and it has to do with core relationships combined with diminishing light, the commercialism and hype, the hectic (and stressed) buying, going into debt trying to make everyone happy, the excess eating and drinking, the loneliness of some while they see images of togetherness all around them. It can be a tough time for some.

I originally did a teleconference meeting in 2009 addressing this issue with another method and got great feedback. I believe the goodness realized then will be further enhanced joining together to do it with BSFF.


I'll be guiding anyone who is new to BSFF through a "quickstart version" of setting up your cue. You can use it forever after(!), but I highly recommend getting better acquainted with the complete BSFF method.

PLACE: Virtual Teleconference Platform: Zoom

DATE/TIME: Sunday, 10 December at 3-5pm Eastern

COST: $59  now 75% off at $15! 

We will be addressing all of the following categories of issues both individually and as a collective (with the enhanced power of our group consciousness):

1. Personal Family-of-Origin Winter Holiday History

2. Adult History with Winter Holidays

3. The Commercialism and "false spirit" of the Season

4. The Stresses and Pain of the Season

5. Rediscovering the Heart and true Spirit of the Season

Often there is some degree of cumulative stress and negative emotional build-up even for those who generally enjoy the holiday season: they just got good at focusing on the positive or and celebrating, despite the drag all of that stuff puts on their psyche. It's fun, but it could be so much more: to be fully present, unencumbered and alive, in good spirits with a clean, open heart! That is our goal for the session: to be better able to embrace the blessings of life; to be better able to heal or cherish our relationships; to feel re-connected to hope, optimism, and good will!

There will be no limit to the number of participants on Zoom, so come one, come all! This event will be audio recorded if you can't make it live.

Time: 9:00pm Central European Time, 8pm GMT, 3pm Eastern U.S.

Host: www.zoom.us. (link will be provided after registration, at least 3 days prior to the event)

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