Join us in Orlando 3-7 May for the 20th Anniversary ACEP Conference: "Celebrating the Magic of Energy Psychology" 

Do you remember believing in magic as a child? Do you remember make-believe play? That sense of wonder and creative imagination is the raw material of our inherent genius as human beings.

Many of us who embarked on the journey of healing and changework, whether seeking professional assistance in our personal healing, becoming professional changeworkers/healers ourselves, or exploring self-help have felt that sparkling inner twinkle of awakening life force within us. 

That ember of inner light and joy reminded us of the magic of childhood wonder and play, and inspired us to stay on the path.

Those of us lucky enough to realize that the magic of our childhood hinted at a deeper reality of what could be called the magic of consciousness and life force. 

And it doesn't really matter whether our discovery came through spiritual practices like prayer and meditation or learning healing practices involving life force energy like Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Touch®, Energy Medicine or Energy Psychology modalities. Because through it (or them), we regained a lost sense of wonder that captured our imagination and restored a sense of magnificent potential to our minds and hearts. In a way, we were set free. 

Now, we didn't all just live happily ever after: life continued to present new challenges, and most of us still had (and have) spectres from the past to face and overcome. The difference is that we have this powerful discovery to aid us and help those around us to break through whatever the inner obstacles may be to our destination: a truer, more free and joyous version of ourselves. 

No one in modern history has ever captured the magic of this journey in visual storytelling like Walt Disney. He captured the imaginations of children and adults alike, through the journey of each story in a magical world, through the danger and struggle, and then to the brink; when all hope was nearly lost, until suddenly the hero/heroine broke through into victory.  

Walt Disney knew how to keep that ember of creative life force glowing within us at the darkest of moments, and then stoke it until we each shone with a sense of deep wonder and joy! His were the first animated cinematic events that could bring grown men and women to tears of both grief and joy. 

What better way to marry the magic of consciousness and life force for healing and inner growth with the child-like magic of awe and imagination through story than to come together at Disney in Orlando to learn and share the magical wonders of integrative energy psychology, energy medicine and healing as a grand collective of curious seekers, self-helpers, students, practitioners, and teachers?

This year's conference of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) is their 20th Anniversay event, and I am certain that magic will happen for all you attend!  You can check out the amazing list of master teachers and trailblazers who will be presenting here.

First, because every conference I have attended (this will be my 7th) has been magical in a number of ways: the world experts in nearly every modality of energy psychology are here, giving keynote addresses, workshops, learning labs, or just hanging out. It is an enriched environment!

Second, because of the shared consciousness and collective intention to learn, grow, heal, and be inspired and have fund that everyone who attends shares that creates a giant energy field of potential. Positive potential is at critical mass here for five full days!

Last, because of the spirit of love and community that each and every conference holds. You will be immersed in a sea of acceptance, compassion, and enthusiasm!

Come for as many days as you wish: the full conference runs 4-6 May, with pre and post-conference 1-and-2-day workshops on each end. You can come for 1 or more days of the conference, the entire conference, and/or pre/post-conference workshops. You can even make a week of it and attend both pre, post, and the full conference for an incredibly enriching learning, healing, and fun-filled experience! Get your brochure, review the programs, keynote speakers and presenters, and chart your own irresistable personal conference journey here:

I could say more, but I'm going to stop here. Oh, except for one more thing: IF the idea of infusing the spiritual, emotional, psychological, and biological magic of the breakthrough moment in powerful storytelling and real-life events with your energy psychology work appeals to you, I'd like to invite you to my post-conference 1-day workshop that will teach you how to foster that magic in your sessions on a regular basis.. 

And, although I will be teaching you how to do it with that very magical method called Be Set Free Fast™, The Breakout Process is an independent phenomenon that can be elicited around whatever energy psychology modality you wish to apply. This material is not taught in any of my BSFF trainings, so it will be valuable whatever your skill level at BSFF or other methods. You can check this and other pre- and post-conference events out here:

I truly hope you will join us at the conference. It will be... well, MAGICAL!