*********************************************IMPORTANT NOTICE!************************************************

If you have not yet reviewed the website disclaimer, do so NOW before proceeding. This page has an audio link to a recording of a Be  Set Free Fastâ„¢-supported group contemplation and coaching session conducted by Alfred Heath, MA and Larry Nims, PhD. It is not a therapy session, but a contemplative group stress release process. Anyone who may be suffering from anxiety disorders including agoraphobia (profound fear and panic attacks when leaving home or even at the thought of leaving home), panic attacks, phobias, depression, anger control problems, intense mood swings, thoughts of harming self or others, domestic violence, sexual abuse, substance abuse, hallucinations or disordered thoughts is strongly recommended to seek immediate help through your local doctor or mental health services, and only then seek adjunct support from a qualified BSFF practitioner. 

*********************************************IMPORTANT NOTICE!************************************************

This is the audio recording of the zoom meeting Larry and I hosted to support anyone who wants help addressing Coronavirus outbreak-related stresses. 


Unfortunately, I neglected to request location information in the registration forms --so forgive me if I  left your country or state out--, but as far as I can glean we had registrants from 10 different countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Israel, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the USA (12 states including Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Massachussetts, Michigan, Montana, Texas, Washington, and West Virginia). 

I mention all of our participants, because now YOU TOO will become one of them, joining your awareness and intention to the group energy of the session, which will support your intention when you use the cue during this session, See whether you notice a difference from your usual BSFF self-help sessions!

Here's some feedback from participants:

"BSFF... was amazingly simple! I have been doing TAT, Ask and Receive, and EFT and this one really got deeper in to the layers!  I thought I had cleared a lot already but this really went deep!  It is so simple to do. I  know you have been a proponent of it for so long and I see why. This is my first experience with it and it was awesome!"

(More observations a few days after the session)... "I am still blown away by the simplicity of it. I could feel strong emotions come up and then feel the energy perceptively shift into something that felt solid and spacious at the same time and I felt an inner smile. That is how I perceived the issue was complete. There were some issues, although a lot of emotions came up to be released, I did not  quite get to that sweet spot, so obviously further work is needed. This is definitely the clearest I have felt energetically in awhile and best of all peaceful and not triggered! Emotional charge gone on so many issues! I feel so light. What a blessing!"      
                                                                                 -Karen J., Alberta Canada
"A big thank you for this wonderful session. Since the meeting, I'm feeling calm and centered most of the time." 

                                                                                       -Lana Walker, Arizona (4 days after the live session)
I'd like to suggest using the collage banner above as an aid in your process listening to the recording. 
Consider it a kind of Mandala (visual focus for contemplation to help you focus your conscious mind: as topics are mentioned, find and center your attention on the picture that best depicts the issue being addressed. Tune into the feelings and thoughts and images the commentary and photos evoke, then let them go and zero in on the sensations in, on, and around your body; also be aware of your breathing --the mechanics, movement, and sensations of your breathing-- and the sensations your breathing evokes in, on, and around your body. When indicated by Larry or me, use your cue as you start to exhale, and see what you notice.  

ONE IMPORTANT POSTSCRIPT: We inadvertantly left these topics out of the session, so I note them here for you to address with the cue once your subconscious mind has the instructions on the recording (if you don't already know how to do BSFF): 

1. If you are coming into this feeling overwhelmed by it all, USE YOUR CUE FOR THE OVERWHELM FIRST; tune into yourself just as we guide your awareness in the recording, and signal to your SCM with the cue to eliminate the subconscious sources of the sense of overwhelm you are experiencing. 

2. If you came into the session with --or uncovered during the session-- a problem (a single symptom with subconscious emotional roots) or issue (two or more related problems) related to the COVID-19 outbreak that was not addressed in the zoom meeting, you can include it yourself and address it with your BSFF cue as you listen.

3. Cue for any and all programs which are limiting you in any way from addressing the challenges of this time with appropriate humility, vigilance, optimum intelligence, resourcefulness, creativity, grace, compassion, and courage. 

4. Lastly, if after listening and cueing along with the recording, you didn't get thorough resolution on one or more problems or issue areas during the meeting, you can apply BSFF afterwards for these and any new COVID-19-related problems or issues which arise. To help you to be thorough, you can use the routine available on the Easing Coronavirus Panic page