Testimonials about Be Set Free Fast

"Since attending the 1-day Be Set Free Fastâ„¢ workshop last May (taught by Larry and Alfred), I have practiced BSFF personally as well as taught some family and patients (I'm a Board Certified Psychiatrist). This practice has proven to be beneficial both to me and to each person I've taught. Some of the benefits I and others have experienced are significant reduction in feelings of anxiety, fear, and irritation in personal relationships..."  --John M.(Mike) Zimburean, M.D., Seattle, WA

" BSFF...Wow... I cannot believe the shifts I've gotten in my own life in just a few days by applying what I learned in your book andDVDsI've been released from layer upon layer of stuff about my parents dying young and so should I, heart attack worries, stressing about being late, the need to confront, controlling my wife, etc.  

"This is the most amazing psychotherapeutic methodology I've ever seen (and feel free to quote me anytime). It really is simpler, more effective and goes deeper than anything I've ever been exposed to... I really can't thank you enough for this wonderful gift! My entire internal state has changed mysteriously to one that I now describe as calm excitement. I have an unstressful, pleasant sense of anticipation all the time. When something comes up, I treat it immediately and am amazed by the stuff that leaves me."
--Mike M.. Toronto

"I use it now every day on myself and have started using it with clients. Compared to other energy therapies, I find BSFF quicker, easier to apply, and extremely thorough. No tapping is required, just thought and intention. No sequences to remember and it can often treat multiple problems simultaneously. I can use it for everyday situations and as things come along. Even the bus is a good place to do it! ... I totally endorse this work and look forward to attend (the) next training sessions (in Phoenix next April)."  --Katrien De Moor, Ferney Voltaire, France

"I used Al's offer of a BSFF demonstration to assist me in overcoming my torturous preparation for presentations.  At least four days prior to a major presentation, I would rehearse to mental fatigue. It was all-consuming. I would experience loss of appetite and at times I would also lose sleep... Almost immediately (upon using the cue), my stress level plummeted over news of upcoming presentations. My anxiety was replaced by excitement.  

"As a result of applying BSFF (on my own), I have also noticed a dramatic improvement in my bowling game because of a mental control that I am able to harness like never before. Additionally, I have a calmness that is quite useful during stressful situations.  As a professional stage hypnotist and hypnotherapist for many years, I was deeply impressed by this simple method and would highly recommend this approach to anyone seeking change. You will be amazed!
--Eddie Thompkins III, Huntingdon, UK

 "I attended a training with Dr. Larry Nims in Toronto in 2000... I have since had no interest at all in smoking. BSFF made it possible for me to even not think about smoking. It actually took me a month after I arrived back home until I became aware of not having even seen the cigarettes in grocery stores when shopping. That is what I call real freedom! "
--Kjell Forsberg, Sweden

"I participated in the BSFF for Abundance presentation (at the 2009 ACEP conference with authorized trainers Alfred Heath and Kit Furey) with an open mind and without any specific expectations, and followed the very precise and insightful instructions with great interest. 

"To my surprise, after using BSFF on releasing abundance issues, I noticed a wonderful shift in my right shoulder. My shoulder had been frozen for several months, due to an injury, and after class, I was all of a sudden able to lift the right arm so significantly higher that we felt compelled to document the change with a photograph.  I am greatly impressed with and thankful for this wonderful experience!"
---Ingrid Dinter