Beware of Unauthorized and Possibly Fraudulent Authors, Books, Services, and Training!

As with any great thing, like the internet itself, there will be those who seek to take advantage, make false claims, or pedal their own products under the banner of the real thing. This page will help you confirm the inauthenticity of some of the materials for sale abroad and on the web. 

There are four categories of authors, products, and services we want to make you aware of: those who promote and teach outdated versions of the method; undertrained professionals who site BSFF as a method they teach and coach clients to use; unauthorized trainers and training events; and individuals who make false claims regarding their BSFF credentials to train or conduct professional sessions. Unfortunately, all of these exist and are currently active.

The first and foremost way to circumvent this problem is to always refer to this website to check on the authenticity of BSFF Trainers, practitioners, and products. If we don't list them, we don't recognize them. 

Now, you might get lucky and end up with a competent therapist or coach who is just using an outdated version of BSFF: 1. what I call "BSFF 1.0" or the tapping protocol; 2. one of the earlier versions of the Instructions to the Subconscious Mind; or 3. older treatment protocols. This is unlikely to be harmful; the process is just likely to be less efficient and effective than what is currently available. It's kind of like paying full price for a new car with certain performance characteristics only to find out later that you ended up with a 5-year-old model. Who would be happy with that?

**All BSFF Practitioners listed on this site have received training in 2007 or later from Dr. Nims, myself, Don Elium, or one of the other authorized trainers. As of 2013, the content of Introductory Seminars, Basic-Level and Intermediate-Level Training workshops is standardized, so we have the most confidence in Practitioners who have received core or refresher training since then. 

**This website is the only source to check on the credentials and standing of Trainers. Authorized Trainers are encouraged to provide information on training events here. Events that include BSFF but are not official Basic or Intermediate-Level training workshops will be marked with an asterisk. 

**Until new arrangements are made with book and DVD marketers, this website is the only source for the BSFF ebook with updates* and the training DVD, and any new products.

**Trainers, practitioners, or others may independently publish materials regarding how they apply BSFF to certain populations or special areas of life like spirituality, sports performance, or financial prosperity. If these materials include copyrighted BSFF protocols, they are the intellectual property of Dr. Nims (and in a couple of specific cases, myself) and authors must have express, written permission to include them in any publication in order to avoid legal consequences. 

**TRANSLATIONS AND FOREIGN LANGUAGE MATERIALS - We have only one informal agreement from the publisher (Sotkin Publishing) to allow excerpts of the ebook to be translated into French for the purposes of training events. There are no other authorized translations we are aware of. Our trainers and practitioners are permitted to translate all of the necessary materials in order to conduct training events and client sessions but these are not sold separately.  

It would require a whole team of tech-savvy employees trawling the internet to catch all of the fraudulent BSFF pedalers, and we do not possess those resources. So come to the official website (and join/follow our social media) for all things official BSFF. Otherwise, CAVEAT EMPTOR!!